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50 Gates of Wisdom
Fifty Gates Of Wisdombuy
(©1988 Shanachie SH 64002)


If there be no mercy left in the world,
The doors of heaven will never be barred.
The Creator reigns supreme, and is higher than the angels.
All, in His spirit, will rise
By His nearness, His life-giving breath flows through them.
And they glory in His name
From the moment of genesis, His creations grow
Captivating and more beautiful.
The wheel in its circle thunders
Acclaiming His Holy name
Clothed in the glory of His radiance.
The six-winged cherubs surround Him.
Whirling in His honor.
And with their free wings sweetly sing,
together, in unison.
Your temples are like a slice of pomegranate,
You are more regal than the walls of the highest palace.
Your eyes, wide as the doe's, have imprisoned me.
With the eyes of a lovely dove,
And lips like scarlet silk,
And breasts, incomparable in their beauty,
Your heart to my heart, in love, are tied.
As white as the rising moon,
Quickly skipping like a young girl,
I will pay any price for this Lass
My heart and my spirit are in Her hands.
Sand-Lily of Sharon, Rose of the Valley,
She slipped through my aching fingers.
With her head upturned,
And left only the pain
Of my shrinking heart,
No bandages will heal the wounds
Inflicted upon my longing heart...
Oh, Star of the Morning
In exile, You will be my guiding light,
And at night,
Holding me close to Your bosom,
You bid me drink of Your wine,
Mingling nectars
Drink, dear grooms!  Pleasure in your drunkenness
And rouse your senses,
In the palace of the honorable Daughter of Angels
The table is always set for the many.
Cruel fate separated friends and lovers
But my Beloved draws me by Her love
Uniting beauty and grace
And encircled in beauty and grace
Shall I be remembered
Although foreboding clouds may line the sky,
My love will fill my desire.
When passing through the fifty fixed gates of wisdom,
Discerning Leah will push me onward
And with me the love of Rachel for her sons,
I will not sway.
By your sovereign secrets
I will reach the tenth sphere,
Oh Almighty,
Hurry with the salvation
For Your nation
Wrapped in the tranquility of Inner peace,
Our throats are raw
For we the Children of Jacob
The Treasures of Abraham.
Rock of my existence,
You are the object of my desire
And of all that I have
You are my claim to Holiness.

Fly, sweet dove, and hearken my voice,
On the violin, play,
And in Your song, beware,
Soar swiftly
Do not meander into paths where evil may hide.
Take sustenance and fly
And we will take our pleasure
Until we are asked
And we will drink of springs of wisdom,
And we will sing to the sound of the harp,
And You will give song.

Pray tell, wondrous Innocent,
Tell of the joy in Your naïveté
Wise Daughter of Angels
Have you found Your home?
Answer, lovely dove.
I sally forth to the Palace
And in the heart of the vessel
And clothed, only, in Your beauty
Permission has really been given.
Regards to You in Your crowning,
Do not be swayed by cloaked enemies, Lass,
And though You reach a frontier,
Look for its border.
The gates of heaven are open
to my tears
God, be merciful to me
And this ache in my heart
How can I win you, love?
Do you even know I exist?
How will I find your love-laced path?
My heart desires only freedom
No one can make me love another
If only my love knew my suffering
And came to my side
Who is the cause of this incredible pain?
Who is the one that knows nothing of my existence?
I thank my God who created me
A fortress,
He will hear my voice
And me, in my quest
in His name I hope,
As I kneel and bow my head,
And in praising Him,
Strive to better my soul by my words
Your hidden secrets,
Deep in the recesses of Your wisdom,
Guide me
And I begin anew when praising Your name
Evil needs its ugliness
And multiplies its devilish ways
To keep us in poverty
Illuminate the darkness
Cover us, Save us
Do not forsake us, the Chosen
By Jacob, we have Your favor
And only when we cry out
Answer quickly
For You are our Redeemer,
Our Savior.
My sweet love
You are always with me
I have fed you the most succulent of foods
And clothed you in the most expensive brocades
Oh, what a lunatic love!
God, help me...
There are those who don't understand
The nature of my lunatic love
Oh, what a lunatic love!
God, help me...
I made you swear,
For days and nights
That you would explain, once and for all,
What is happening, happening to us?
There are those who are jealous
That I am all-important to you
You are my special love,
And you revealed to me the secrets of love
You are the center of my thoughts and imagination
I have no interest in any other.
I ask you, King of Kings
Why, why do you torture me?
I believe only in you
And anxiously await the rewards of my belief
You punish me in my Diaspora
How long will you ignore my pleas?
You, the all-knowing of questions and answers
Chastise and agonize me,
You neglect me
Since I am not one in the Promised Land.
As the pyramid-shaped amber
And the pleasant fragrance in the air
When your light is discovered
You glitter like a star in the heavens
Oh, Flowing Miracle,
Healer of all pain and sorrow
Who will bid me drink of the blue liquid
And remove all anger and worry from my brow
In praising the one and only,
All is possible
For he who created us
He will lead us to a world
Of happiness and brilliant light