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Bait Ham / Chai 2cd box
Bait Ham

1. Bait Ham (Warm Home)
2. Azor Li (Help me)
3. Bemanginat Halev (Melody Of The Heart)
4. La Daat Ken O Lo (To Know Yes Or No)
5. Yad Be Yad (Hand In Hand)
6. Ben Parvar (Suburban Boy)
7. Itcha Halaila (With You Tonight)
8. Kum Veitorer (Get And Wake Up)
9. Ata Ivtachta (You Promised)
10. Rikud Aharon (Last Dance)

1. Chai (Alive)
2. Amen Lamilim (Amen To The Words)
3. Ballada Lamelech (Ballad For The King)
4. Aharei Hahagim (After The Holidays)
with Avi Toledano
5. Meshorer Harehov (The Street Poet)
6. Mehapeset Derech (Looking For A Way)
7. Hachshav (Now)
8. Mami (Mami)
9. Superstar (Superstar)
10. Sof Kaitz (End Of Summer)