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Let's Talk
Let's Talk
(Bo Nedaber)
(1995 PHONOKAI 4071-2)

01-Tfila (A Prayer)
02-Ksheniiye Bnei (When We'll Be 73 Years Old)
03-Simanim Shel O'Havim (Lovers Signs)
04-Ten Ahava Lechayecha (Give Love To Your Life)
05-Shir Zmani La'ashirim (Temporary Song For The Riches)
06-Bo Nedaber (Let's Talk)
07-Halachta (You're Gone)
08-Ha'ir Medaberet Eleicha (Town Is Talking To You)
09-Bodeda Beshna'im (Lonely In Two)
10-Ein Zman Litot (No Time For Looking)