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Harmony Ridge
@Montreux Jazz FestivalAbout Our LovesAdama (Earth)
Broken DaysDesert Wind50 Gates Of WisdomGolden Album
Melody of the Heart-Greatest Hits 3CDKirya
Kol Haneshama (My Soul)Let's TalkOfra Haza '97Shaday 
Shechunat Hatikva Workshop TheatreShirei Moledet A+B
Shirey Moledet 3Songs For ChildrenTemptations
Yemenite Songs Dusk To Dawn (Video)
Jewish Music
Songs for ChildrenShirei Moledet A+BShirey Moledet 3
TemptationEarthBroken DaysGolden AlbumMy Soul
50 Gates of WisdomKirya Dusk To Dawn (Video)
Kol Haneshama (My Soul)Broken DaysEarthShirei Moledet A+BShirey Moledet 3Melody of the Heart-Greatest Hits 3CDGolden AlbumWarm home (Bait Ham)Shlager (video)
Israel Wishes
Kol Haneshama (My Soul)Melody of the Heart-Greatest Hits 3CD50 Gates of WisdomShirei Moledet A+BShirey Moledet 3Adama (Earth)Broken DaysWarm home (Bait Ham)
CD Now
Yemenite SongsKiryaDesert WindShaday50 Gates Of WisdomOfra Haza 97 Broken Days Prince Of EgyptExotica -World Music DivasKiller Diva's CollectionHer Song -Exotic Voices Of WomenJust Say MaoJust Say Yo
Ultimate Band List
Yemenite SongsKiryaDesert WindShaday50 Gates of Wisdom Virgin Voices Vol 2 Elias:Prayer CyclePrince of EgyptKiller Diva's CollectionHer Song: Exotic Voices of WomenJust Say DaWild OrchidJust Say MaoJust Say YoOfra Haza 97
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