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Golden Apple
Shir Hamea
(Song of the Century)
(DJ only Promo)

it's a song for the initiator, to the product improver
to the farmer, to the cow milker
it's a song to the engineer, to the draftswoman, to the governor
and we will sing it for all of our hearts
to the craft programmer, to the textile worker
to the manager of the lock-smith factory
to the steel caster, to the rocket driller
to all of these we'll sing along

have a song to the worker
sing a song to the manufacturers
to the exporter, sing a praise
yes, 100 years have passed
have a song to the factory
give respect to the creation
sing a song, big hope,
to the life of the industry

life is work , work is life
it's our bread from long days ago
we'll be a wise, strong, kind nation
and all the good in life will pass us
it's the song of all songs about a passing century
which we've all come together till now
we'll walk hand in hand into another century
to an independent, strong future



Scan & translation by Omer Mizrachi