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Gothic Vampires from Hell & Covered in Goth
Gothic Vampires from Hell
& Covered in Goth
(©2001 Cleopatra)
Disc 1

1.Night Shift - Switchblade Symphony
2.Touch Myself - Genitorturers
3.Nothing Else Matters - Apoptygma Berzerk
4.All I Want Is You - Mission UK
5.All The Madmen (Padded Cell Mix) - Alien Sex Fiend
6.Open Your Heart (Die Krupps Remix) - Ofra Haza
7.People Are Strange - Nosferatu
8.The Carnival Is Over - Leaether Strip
9.Disintegration - Razed In Black
10.The Passion Of Lovers - The Shroud
11.U Got The Look - Gary Numan
12.Highway To Hell - Electric Hellfire Club
13.Shout At The Devil (Son Of Sam Remix) - Synical
14.Going To California (Rosetta Stone Remix) - Gene Loves Jezebel

Disc 2
1.Sleeping Death
2.A Journey Beneath The Earth To Hell
3.Visiting Evil Dr. Fang's Laboratory
4.The Bells Of Wrath Ring Throughout The Temple Of Gods
5.Children Pray Against Evil Spirits As They Fly Above The Temple
6.The Devil's Furnace
7.Nightmares Of Terror
8.A Young Woman Flees For Her Life
While Being Chased By A Flesh Eating Mad Man
9.The Beast
10.A Deep Mystic Dream Towards Death
11.Hypnotized Erotic Love Slave
12.Confused Thoughts Caught In A Dream
13.Creation Of A Futuristic Mind
14.The Evil Ones
15.Witches Bubbling Brew
16.A Thunderous Rainy Night
17.The Wicked Castle Of The East
19.SalvationDracula Revisits/Two Witches