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Ladies of the 80's
Ladies of the 80's
Volume 2

1. If I Could Turn Back Time (Warren)
2. Private Dancer (Knopfler)
3. Running up That Hill (Bush)
4. Im Nin' Alu (Traditional)
5. Etienne (Bruley/Patti)
6. Love Is (Tyson/Ward)
7. Love Bizarre (Prince)
8. Robert de Niro's Waiting (Dallin/F/J/S/W)
9. Another Night (Cantarelli/Freeland)
10. This Is the Right Time (Devaney/M/S)
11. Bello E Impossible (Nannini/Pianigiani)
12. Bitterblue (Houston)
13. Circle in the Sand (Nowels/Shipley)
14. Coming Around Again (Simon)
15. Circle (Brickell/Withrow)
16. Favorite Waste of Time (Crenshaw)
17. Losing My Mind (Sondheim)
18. Eternal Flame (Hoffs/K/S)
19. Nothing Compares 2 U