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1. Chicane with Maire Brennan: Saltwater

2. In-Mood feat. Juliette: The last unicorn
3. DJ Dado: X-flies
4. Dune: Who wants to live forever
5. Secret Garden: Nocturne
6. Ofra Haza: Im Nin Alu - 2000
7. Carma: Victoria
8. Aura Luna: Oasis - Fountain of life
9. Jon Anderson: Angel ambrace
10. Muse feat. Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares: Innocent voices
11. Sacred Spirits: Yeha-Noha
12. Pamela Morgan: True or false
13. Shiva: Far behind the skies
14. No Means Yes: Amarilli
15. Rainbow Serpent: From within
16. Nicci Berry: Down by the Glenside
17. Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene Part 4
18. G.E.N.E.: En gedi
19. Friedemann: Indian summer
20. Stella Maris: Cantara
21. David Arkenstone: The dragon's breath
22. Andrew Phillips: African storm
23. Living Image: Arrival
24. Andromeda: Waterfall magic
25. Cool Blue: Changing colours
26. Nightwish: Sleeping sun
27. Corun: Thanksgiving
28. Vespertina: The garden
29. Corun: March of the settlers
30. Divine Works: Amcient person of my heart
31. Jerome Gasmi: Jolie jeunette
32. MonteOro: From the homeland of my soul