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Dick Tracy Soundtrack
Dick Tracy Soundtrack
(© 1990 Sire/Warner Japanese import WPCP-3595)
1. Ridin' the Rails-kd lang

2. Pep, Vim and Verve-Jeff Vincent and Andy Paley
3. It was the Whiskey Talkin' (Not Me)-Jerry Lee Lewis
4. You're in the Doghouse No-Brenda Lee
5. Some Lucky Day-Andy Paley
6. Blue Nights-Tommy Page
7. Wicked Woman, Foolish Man-August Darnell
8. Confidence Man-Patti Austin
9. Looking Glass Sea-Erasure
10. Dick Tracy-Ice-T
11. Slow Rollin' Mama-LaVern Baker
12. Rompin' & Stompin'-Al Jarreau
13. Mr. Fixit (1930s version)-Darlene Love
14. Mr. Fixit-Darlene Love
15. It was the Whiskey Talkin' (Not Me) (Rock & Roll version)-Jerry Lee Lewis
16. Dick Tracey (90s Mix)-Ice-T
17. Herida de Miel-Ofra Haza & Duncan Dhu
18. Mamma Mia-Les Negresses Vertes