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Israel on Parade ISRAEL ON PARADE
©1988 Ergo 774
01. Hai-Ofra Haza

02. On the Road-Ilanet
     (Shalom Dance Company)
03. Chimes-Yiznar Cohen
04. The Honey & the Sting-Naomi Shemer
     (Shalom Dance Company)
05. Medley of Palmach Songs-Yehoram Gaon
     (Shalom Dance Company)
06. Song of the Companies-JSO & IDF BB
     (Shalom Dance Company)
07. Rock n'Roll-Dudaim
08. Amen-Yardena Arazi
09. Call Me-Isoleer Band
     (Shalom Dance Company)
10. Kibbutz Geva at 60-the Gevatron
11. Party is Over-Hakol O-ver Habibi
12. Army is Marching-JSO & IDF BB

JSO & IDF BB=Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
                          & IDF Brass Band