whoever promised rain, I say
they must have felt some shred of doubt
who & why would claim forever
& then so quietly just bow out?
I dare say it happens
let's say they're here to test your strength
most of which already spent
I never pray now for myself
but can I pray for someone else
I'd like to say say it happens
I'd like to say - don't believe a word

I had no idea
that a victim sleeps behind the painted smiles
of the newspaper headlines
don't think that we have ever been
so underhand as to take it in
it would be serious
if ever a wound set in
well I'm sure, with your well healed scars
you'll never let that pretty face get dirty again

they're selling lies, as I see
to fatten up the proceeds
they're selling lies, they're wicked lies
they point devoured by open mouth
with one wrong track as the only way
 the only way to go
sold down sold down sold down
sold down sold down sold down