here in my mind's eye
here is a place you could call your own
you laugh at the chance & just turn a blind eye
here is a place you could bare your soul
but time honored cynics won't let that be
so you'll slip 'round the back door & ask them all
& give them a reason to catch at straws
they'll just foster their ideals to string up this optimist
through fortune or error you've colored the meaning
as a matter of course you'll rush through your lifetime
turning your blind eye to world weary crossfire
damn you just for this
you haven't a word to comfort or crucify
between the lines is that where the truth lie
crippled by virtues borrowed from text books
that God only knows what the author was dreaming of
slave to pretensions never commit yourself
to favor a notion that isn't based upon
second-hand news from world weary lips
don't look for direction just persecute fibs

long forgotten triumph turns up to force the hand
however sure the pretext I find it safe
to test the ground
I'm not able to follow fate
if I can only point out, one mistake I've made
it's I've relied on luck
it's as fickle as the four winds - a fuel to the flames
that burn out just to tell us
what's here today
could be gone the next
if I could only point out a few mistakes I've made
I might just forget
just how far I've got
just how far I've got
not enough - not enough - not enough
not enough - not enough  - not enough - not enough - not enough
not enough

caught in some line of fire
stick & stones will break my bones
cover me - cover me - cover me - cover me
where are the words to comfort or crucify
here is a place where your best can be not enough
not enough