didn't sleep at all last night

I didn't sleep but I'm not tired
I've got a good cure for my panic attack
got a good cure for a quiet life
looking for the same things in other people's eyes
& I don't find what I want
well it's the wrong wrong wrong way of doing things
but sometimes it's the best way

I know what they've told you
I know what they said
I know that they've warned you
but if you listen to them it doesn't matter much
'cause I'm already over the worst
& if there's anything I haven't said
put money on it oh yes
& I'll get round to it one day
seeing a far flung hope slip by
keeps me awake at night
& I can't help thinking of where you are now
& I'm sure that you're sure it felt like an ill wind
that's not so strange

all's for the best
oh don't make me laugh
they're just words, words, words that's all they are
 just words, words, words that's all they are
only saying what they should