Schlager 1979
Internet Movie DatabaseDr. Shuki Heftsiva is a dancing tutor but his main occupation is matchmaking. His method is simple, he is leafing through the obituaries & finds the most interesting. The intended, Zigi Foxman, & him arrive to the mourner's house supposedly to pay their respects. During the visit they "check" the widow & her property. Bengurion Shemesh works in the garage but dreams of being a famous singer. He loves Dina, Zigi's daughter. Schlager soundtrack 01 Latzet
02 Shir Behizdamnut
03 Garage!
04 Shir Izavon
05 Discotango
06 Frecha
07 Ten Gaz
08 Batia Laambatia
09 Achalnu Ota
10 Schlager