...featuring Ofra Haza, as Yochoved (Moses' mother), was made in 21 languages & the Intro track, Deliver Us, was sung by Ofra in 17 of them!

This is my attempt at finding out what all those versions were...

The Prince of Egypt (English)
x Deliver Us (Ofra w/ Eden Reigel)
Le Prince D'Egypte (French)
x Délivre-nous (Ofra w/ Sidney Oliver)
Der Prinz von Ägypten (German)
x Erlöse uns (Ofra w/ Debbie Van Dooren)
Il Principe D'Egitto (Italian)
x Ascoltaci! (Ofra w/ Ilaria Butera)
El Principe de Egipto (Spanish)
x Liberanos (Ofra w/ Claudia Bardagi)
Nasich Mitzraim   (Hebrew)
x Hoshiana (Ofra w/ ?)
Egyiptom Hercege (Hungarian)
Szabadíts! (Ofra w/ Szentesi Dorottya)
De Prins van Egypte (Dutch)
x Bevrijd ons (Ofra w/ ?)
Prinsen af Egypten (Danish)
Udfri Os (not sung by Ofra)
Purinsu obu Ejiputo(Japanese)
Warera wo Sukui Tamae (not sung by Ofra)
Ksiaze Egiptu (Polish)
x Uwolnij Nas (Ofra w/ ?)
Egyptin Prinssi (Finnish)
Prinsen av Egypt (Norwegian)
x Befri Oss (Ofra w/ ?)
Mýsýr Prensi (Turkish)
O Principe do Egipto (Portuguese)
x Liberte Nos
Aiji WangziAiji Wangzi (Chinese)
Aaikap Wongi (Cantonese)
x ? (not sung by Ofra)
O Prigkipas tis Eghyptou (Greek)
x Paradido Mas (Ofra w/ ?)
Egipetskij Prints(Russian)
Egipto Princas (Lithuanian)
Princ Egyptský (Czech)

any info on any other foreign languages of this video is wanted.
especially other versions of Ofra's "Deliver Us" !
©chippy 11-23-2002